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What is Rough Stuff Records

A music label…

We are a online record label, based in germany. Some of our releases gained a lot of support from f.e. Fedde Le Grand, Deorro, The Chainsmokers…
The intention of founding this label was to support “Bedroom” Producers; to give them the possibility to start their career in the music business.
We’re always open for any demo submission which matches our base genres, independent of the producers experience before (No, you don’t need to have 5090923 followers). The only requirement is: Your tracks must be unique and impressive.

We support you and your music in any kind: Services

RSR Genres:

house // bigroom // electro // electro house // electro trash // dnb // dubstep… (nearly every kind of electronic music)

Who and Where

Patrick Franz // Leipzig

Rough Stuff Records was founded 2013 in Leipzig, Germany by Patrick Franz.

He also runs the partner label Gentle Audio, which deals with the slower sounds: house // deephouse // tech house // electro swing…


Our Services

we offer to our artists…


In some cases, we offer a Mixing of all tracks of one Song.


We offer a studio mastering of your song. Just contact us.

Newsletters & Promomails

All of our releases will be promoted via different channels. Our Promo-Mail list contains over 200 well known artists in the genres of house, techhouse & deephouse. Additionally we promote the releases via Newsletters of several Online Music Stores (based on the genres).

Sampling Campaigns

Some of our releases will be promoted via Sampling Campaigns. We deliver our tracks to DJs which chart them.
An other possible promo-channel: We deliver the tracks to over 430 radio networks and 210 private radio stations.

Additional Promo

We also offer many other promotion channels, like:
– Soundcloud promo –
– Youtube promo –
– exclusive releases –
– compilations –
– remix contests –
– …

Too many, to list them here. Just contact us.

Over 100 portals

All of our releases will be fully distributed over 105 music online stores all over the world.
To mension some:

Beatport // iTunes // Amazon // Juno // Deezer // Beats Music // Apple Music // Spotify // XBox Music // Musiclod // Trackitdown // DJShop // DJTunes // Hitlab // loudtrax // Simfy // AT&T // Audiotube // Wimp // Ampya // Google Play // Sevenload // …

If an artist won’t be listed in a special country or on a special portal, just contact us.


All of the Releases will be planned together with the artist.
We take care of the promo, release planning, print media, album cover and so on…


Several Tracks will also appear on different Compilations of other labels. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the salaries in this case.
Additionally, Gentle Audio has also own Compilations, which contain Label own Tracks and Tracks from other Labels.


We support you in every question of your release. Just contact us.


Our Artists also get full support on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and all other Social Media Pages.


Our Releases

Available everywhere…

Gravy Wast – Take One

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Tom Scream – Bukkake

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Tom Scream – Dirrrty

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Twentythree – Set U Free

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Jack Viper – Monster EP

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Gravy Wast – Sword

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Tom Scream – Funkynapse

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5huffl3s – Ultimate Drops

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Ben Davies – Say Yeah!

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Juabel – One-Ness

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Twentythree – Right Now

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Tom Scream – Twisted Mojo

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Twentythree – Top of the World

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Gama – Raver / Anyway

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Camzz – Voices

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    Just send us a demo-link or a question. We try to respond to every submission.

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    04357 Leipzig, Germany
    Mail: contact@rough-stuff-records.com